Eternity Chair



Eternity Chair is a limited edition collection of 7 chairs. Each chair is unique and numbered #01 - #07 in the order they were created. The NFTs will be available on OpenSea. Material types will also be available on OpenSea in the properties tab.



Chair Material
Each chair is made up of one or more materials:

Unlockable Content

After I have verified your purchase, you will have these bonuses listed below.
For the first buyer all 15 bonuses. For future buyers listed with asterisks:

  1. I’ll tell you the story of the opera: a pdf file to be Emailed/Downloaded. ***

  2. Personalized thank you video to be Emailed/Downloaded. ***

  3. I create for you a custom graphic of the Ethereum chair to be Emailed/Downloaded with the Certificate of Authenticity. ***

  4. A poem written by me that will be part of my next book to be Emailed/Downloaded. ***

  5. A video where I play the piano, to be Emailed/Downloaded. ***

  6. Priority access to the new NFT collections. ***

  7. 20% discount of my physical collectible productsavailable here ***

  8. Access to a private and dedicated Telegram group, manned by Daniele, to interact and exchange valuable opinions with other members of the Community. ***

  9. Advertising space on my website. ***

  10. Collection of my two chess books with personal dedication and shipping included, available here.

  11. 3D printing of the standard Eternity chair (scale 1:10) with shipping included.

  12. A hat and T-shirt with the studio logo embroidered to be Mailed, with shipping included.

  13. Access to 1 physical event (covid permitting) with Daniele.

  14. You will be part of the creative process of my next product: we will choose together form, function, materials, etc.
    You will receive 20% from the first NFT sale of this new design.

  15. One day with me in one of my workshops: I will teach you how to carve slate or turn wood. You decide.

    Please note: for privacy, your address data will be deleted from my archive after shipment.


Eternity Chair is the name of Daniele Toesca’s first NFT collection, which contains 7 chairs.
Daniele’s goal with respect to NFTs is a long-term one and is to devote himself for the next few years to creating a direct and mutually beneficial relationship with his Community by moving his activities into the Crypto world (which offers previously unimaginable opportunities). This collection is the gateway to greater access to his time, to the universe of his activities, and to keep in touch with his Community.

Daniele in the last few years, has become passionate about the potential of the Crypto and NFT worlds for the impact they will have on the working world, socially, culturally and politically. The potential is unprecedented.

Finally, to get his hands dirty himself, he decided to launch his own collection of NFTs, the “Eternity Chair”.

Eternity Chair definitively breaks down the barriers between Daniele and his Community, creating a direct, unfiltered relationship, which in future years may see developments unthinkable today.

Imagine Eternity Chair as your passport to Daniele’s ecosystem, his future initiatives, collaborations with other NFT projects and much more.

What’s special about them is that as well as being artistic NFTs, they include bonuses and gifts that are the gateway to Daniele’s activities, a way to network with his Community and the only way to experience behind the scenes of all Daniele’s future activities.

Owners of at least one NFT Eternity Chair will have access to a dedicated Telegram group (manned by Daniele) to interact and exchange valuable opinions with other members of the Community.

Yes. Eternity Chair tokens can be resold on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea and Rarible, etc. If a Eternity Chair token is resold there will be a 10% royalty fee to Daniele Toesca.

The Eternity Chair token as an art and collectable lasts forever. The additional underlying benefits of the Eternity Chair access, gift, and admission NFTs will expire according to our terms of use (see Unlockable Content).

All Eternity Chair and tokens are intellectual property owned by Daniele Toesca, as such token owners cannot sell or distribute Eternity Chair designs in any way.

NFTs are minted on ERC-1155 compliant contracts deployed to the Polygon blockchain.

New to NFTs

What’s an NFT?
Non Fungible Tokens track who owns a digital asset. There’s a wealth of information about them, but think of NFTs as trading cards or pieces of art. Until recently, digital things like images, video, or audio had little to no value because they could be copied without a true way to verify original ownership. Now with the blockchain anyone can verify who owns the original digital thing. Owning one of these chair is the equivalent of owning a real physical design.

How do I collect a chair design?
There’s a great article about collecting on OpenSea here, but for a quick answer, see below.

1. Download and install a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask. This will allow websites (that you authorize) access to your Ethereum account.

2. If you made a new account, buy some Ethereum. The MetaMask plugin has a button that will allow you to buy Ethereum directly or you can send Ethereum to MetaMask from Coinbase.

3. Once you have the plugin installed, go to OpenSea will recognize it and add buttons that allow you to buy Eternity Chair.

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