Daniele Toesca Armchair and Footstool DT39

About the Ether Collection

7 Jan 2023 | By Daniele Toesca

The works of Daniele Toesca flee the touch, they are to be seized only with imagination, like playful planets, they soar into infinite space...

Daniele Toesca Armchair and Footstool DT39

About Cube Armchair and Footstool

6 May 2021 | By Daniele Toesca

The cube is standing still : its equal side lengths, its sharp external edges, its stiffness… All this can change, in fact, it is sufficient to settle...

Daniele Toesca Table DT38

About Space Table

1 June 2020 | By Daniele Toesca

I am very attached to this new piece of my collection, which is part of an artistic path I entered a few years ago with DT1...

Daniele Toesca Armchair DT37

About Stellantis Armchair

20 May 2020 | By Daniele Toesca

Since I love simplicity, I wanted to see how it would be to rest, or better, to sit my bum on a sphere to try its effect. Obviously, I wanted...

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